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Shifting Power Dynamics: The Feminist Way to Date

Shifting Power Dynamics: The Feminist Way to Date

Dating can be incredibly confusing, particularly when hangovers are involved. The notion regarding how feminists date is entirely incorrect. If you'd like, you are under no need to do away with conventional dating customs. Both of you are still allowed to act like the woman, and your boyfriend is allowed to act like the male. Alternatively, you have the option to do away with conventional dating norms. You are allowed to act anyway you like. The allure of feminism is that it gives you options. However, the choice of feminist dating can be perplexing. Here's an outline on embracing feminism in the virtual dating world, however it's not a hard and fast rule. 

  • Use online dating apps and don’t be afraid to make the first move

In the contemporary era of romance, some apps allow females to message first. If online dating is not your cup of tea, transform the logic of dating platforms in real life and never be afraid to discuss with a guy. Unbelievably, men are more interested in this.

  • See the beauty in emotional men 

A significant factor of the feminist movement is portraying that characteristically feminine attributes, such as empathy and sensitivity, are equally valuable as masculine ones, such as assertiveness and strength. This gives direction to the fact that every person possesses a softer side, which is more feminine. So, males shouldn’t be encouraged to hide their emotional side for the sake of “being a man”. By abandoning the alpha male stereotype, you may inspire guys who act like he has no emotions. 

  • Seek a partner who is attracted to you beyond your appearance

This might sound simple, but most of the women get fooled by sleazy men who are just interested in being intimately close. It happens with a lot of females today. It is time to rethink if you are into someone you find doesn’t appreciate you for your authentic self. Feminists are working to bust the myth that a woman's worth is only based on how she looks. Therefore, cut ties with any guy following that theory if you're dating him, immediately. 

  • Consider paying on dates 

Being a feminist involves the idea that these roles are valued to a similar degree as masculine ones. Both males and females have an equal partnership in a romantic connection. This implies that they essentially reduce to a set of genderless roles that either you or your partner can pay. You can take on the splitting bill arrangement or pay the bill yourself sometimes. You must strictly ignore the notion of “That’s man’s work” and allow yourself to handle any role interchangeably. In this way, a relationship just does not proceed to rely on gender but is backed by respect and doing favourite things. 

  • If you do not want to date, don’t lie and simply refuse 

It is taught to women that saying "no" is insufficient justification for avoiding tasks they don't want to perform. So when they reject a guy, they walk away after saying, “I have a boyfriend”. This is always impactful as when guys find out that someone else has already made a claim, they show respect by moving on. But this can cause problems. Because if this is a significant excuse, the reason for another man to back off would be that another man. Therefore, feminists should realise that their gesture of saying “no” is just enough. So, implying the habit of refusing daily can get men used to the fact that no explanation is needed beyond “no”. You need not lie about a man defending you; you can do that for yourself, too. This is the primary goal of being a feminist. 

How to Date a Feminist: Advice For Males 

In the era where people still do not have a clear picture of feminism, dating a feminist can appear terrifying to certain individuals due to the prevalent misconceptions. 

  1. Value the women in the family above everything else. Males tend to treat women better with whom they share a strong bond, like sisters, mothers, and aunts. Men who aren't driven by hate and who appreciate the females in the family are aware of what constitutes a healthy relationship. 

  2. Perform your chores and not be a spoiled brat. Men are not likely to lend a helping hand in regular household tasks, which women do not appreciate. Feminists think of their partners as less attractive if they are unable to tidy up after themselves. 

  3. It is important to be more open about feelings. Suppressed feelings and hidden trauma might show up in unpleasant ways, particularly in guys. Openness shows that a person is honest, wise, and emotionally mature. 

  4. Feminists focus on valuing themselves; hence, doing the bare minimum things is insufficient. Putting up the bare minimum of effort is doing only what is required for the connection to survive rather than thrive. If you can't meet your lover halfway in a relationship, it will not work. Because they respect themselves so highly, feminists refuse to accept less than the best.

  5. You should think like a feminist to date a feminist. Most people do not consider dating people through online dating apps who are incapable of sharing their thoughts. All they want is for women to make a positive impact on society. If you repeatedly refuse to favour feminism, then it is better not to date such a woman. 

  6. When women disagree with men, they are often told to calm down for voicing their opinions. This can Disregard women's thoughts and opinions and cast them off as crazy and ridiculous people.

  7. Practice active listening to women. Males, particularly prejudiced, pay more attention to men than women. Men are also made to consider that women’s words are not worthy. Thus, feminists do not find such men alluring and often cut off from them as much as possible. 

Final Thoughts 

It is wrong to depict that it is a bad idea to start a relationship with a feminist woman. Rather, a man should be prepared and strong-willed to win their pity. Acknowledge that they are unique from others and prepare yourself to tackle challenges. Feminist females are magnificent to date. If you have met a feminist woman via any of the local dating sites and decide to go on a date, you probably won't regret it. Women are typically more at ease in their bodies and more receptive to new experiences. Also, you can be enlightened by dating someone who drives your thinking differently. Widely, when partners collaborate and share different elements such as power, work, decision-making, and resources equally, they have a satisfying and healthier bond. Men who practise good communication techniques like empathy and listening find that it helps them in many kinds of relationships, not just romantic ones. It additionally turns out that fulfilling intimate relationships are more common among couples who have more feminist beliefs.

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